Yiannis Koufonikos

Art director

Multi skilled Filmmaker with 30+ years’ experience in Film and Television industry. His main body of work includes ethnographic documentaries around the town of Alexandria and music Documentaries on Greek Folk Music.

As a lecturer he had developed and taught various courses and disciplines on Film and Television in Greece and UK (Aristotle University, University of Macedonia, Edge Hill University, Southampton Solen University, Bournemouth University).

As a researcher he combines his professional practice with “research by practice” approach and methodologies. He produces music documentaries and studies the adaptation of the Greek folk music on Screen



  • 1991 Spring Road, 10min
  • 1992 Greek Impressions, 9min
  • 1993 The Sofa, 10min
  • 1994 Fatal Instinct, 6min
  • 1996 Above the Motorway, 8min
  • 2005 Cardiologist, 4min
  • 2006 Mabetistas, 86min
  • 2010 The Blue Glasses, 9min


  • 1997 Sarakatsani, Myth and Stories, 30min
  • 1998 Building With Stones, 30min
  • 1999 The Celebration of Babow, 42min
  • 2011 The Music Paths of Salonica, 51min
  • 2015 Rogatsia, The Sense of Zourna, 50min
  • 2016 722TMX, Engineer Battalion, 50min
  • 2018 Story, Tales from a Refugee Camp, 50min
  • 2021 Sixteen Long Takes About a Working Walking Musician, 30min
  • 2023 Rebetiko, The Outlaw Sound (post-production)


  • 1999-2002 Every Place and a Song
    Folk music and dances from the land of Macedonia, 30 episodes, ERT
  • 2004-2007 Hungry Bear
    Parody of cookery TV programmes, 240 episodes, ERT, NET
  • 2007-2008 Music Cover
    News and video about popular music, 7 episodes, ERT
  • 2017 -2020 Contemporary Folk Musicians, 32 episodes, ERT
    Music documentaries about contemporary folk musicians in Greece and the Balkans region.