Alexandria Short Film Festival

Festival's history

In a Nutshell

International Alexandria Short Film Festival (IASFF) is an innovative, independent, and ever-developing festival since its inception in 2015. Based in the rural area of Alexandria, Northern Greece aims to stir up the cultural mud and gradually grow beyond the local boundaries.

Our concern is to deliver original and well-curated experience of cinema. Our efforts focus on screening films of all genres, showcasing classic and current topics that reflect our modern era. Our urgency is to remain committed to our values and responsive to social reality. In this regard, we have established a special section of our programme dedicated to the Environment. Furthermore, we have changed the festival's operation and function, complying with more sustainable standards.

The programme encompasses special and parallel events, including special screenings, workshops in collaboration with academic and professional partners, musical events, installations, and more. The multifaceted events designed to enhance the Festival’s range and further enrich the experience. Thus, we engage the local social network in our activities, promoting new initiatives and collaborations.

Prompted by the independent and international character, we strongly encourage everyone who participates in the Festival to be part of our interwoven and multidimensional activities that aspire to achieve social
synergy beyond geographic, linguistic, or other barriers. We think and act globally!

The presence of Greek and International artists during the events honors our efforts while boosting interactivity. We invite the artists and the audience to be present with us in order to share the Festival’s atmosphere and engage with our community.

Join us!